Frequently asked questions

What size of containers and site accommodation is available to hire or purchase?
We have a wide selection of containers and cabins for hire in a variety of sizes, with storage containers in sizes 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. and cabins from 10’ to 20’.

What types of site accommodation units are available?
We have a wide range of accommodation units such as offices, canteens, drying rooms, meeting rooms and split variations of each available.

How can I hire a container or accommodation unit?
There are a few ways that you can order a unit from us, you can fill out a quick-quote form on the home-page of our website, call our Hire & Sales Team on 07495 702386 or E-mail us on

How do I get the container/s or accommodation unit/s delivered?When the order has been received, our Transport Department will arrange a time and date for unit/s to be delivered. We aim to get to you as soon as possible with our own hiab-assisted haulage fleet.

Access to my delivery location is tight / obstructed, can I still get a container?
If your delivery location is restricted, we can send out one of our site inspection team to find the safest and most efficient way of off-loading your container or cabin. This site visit is completely free of charge, so if you are unsure then let us know.

Can my containers or accommodation units be stacked?
Yes, as long as the units delivered are of the same size, we can stack on top of one another and install a staircase for access.

How big is the truck that makes the delivery?
Our trucks, without their trailers, are 40’ long from nose to tail and 10’ wide; the hiab-crane will reach 12 metres at a 90 degree angle from the centre of the truck to the centre of the container.

What security measures are taken to ensure the safety of my contents within the containers and accommodation units?
All of our storage containers are fitted with a thick steel lockbox with a high security bolt lock to ensure your valuables are secured to a premium standard. All of the accommodation units are fitted with a 5 point locking system, security door and windows with bolt-lock shutters.

If we haven’t fully answered your question, one of our experienced Hire and Sales Administrators will be more than happy to help talk you through any query, just Contact Us.

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